Masquerade Etiquette

Will you be ready to mask and mingle this year? As with any respectable glam shin-dig, WinterGlam will be brimming with unconventional drama. We will do away with tradition from past years to embrace a unique masquerade theme resulting in, we hope, something authentic and memorable for everyone attending.

We just announced the incredible location for our event this year (Central Chamber Building, 42 Elgin Street), in which you’ll find a crowd of theatrical party-goers sipping perfected cocktails in an atmosphere ripe with mystery. Now, it’t not a masquerade without a mask. Seeing that this is a dressy event, where the costume is of utmost importance, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to snag the perfect disguise.

Vivo Masks


High quality venetian masquerade masks, handcrafted in Italy, made specifically for exotic events where you need to look uniquely elegant.



A new online business, hosted by one of our partners Shopify, Masq Studio has a small, but beautiful selection of detailed, ornate masks in a number of finishes.



The notorious local retailer, Malabar, sells theatrical costumes, makeup and dance wear.

Their renowned opera department continues to manufacture and rent opera and theatre productions to companies across North America and our Toronto warehouse is home to over 30,000 historical costumes. From amateur to professional, our diverse range of products and services has proven a valuable resource to the performing arts community. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship, and our talented and professional staff whose continuous efforts deliver drama and excitement to our loyal customers.



Aubrey’s has been in the business for a number of years. With a substantial rental section that sells costumes, make-up, hats, masks, accessories, decorations, and many other related products, this is a no-fuss place to find a great costume.


winterglam mask

If you’re stuck and left mask-less the night of WinterGlam, don’t fret. Stick with an elegant dress-code, even play on the historical Venetian style, and we’ll provide a simple mask to keep your mystique while gliding around the glittering space.

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