Transitional Hair Colour


Carrying on with our series of focused blog posts on fall hair, today we’ll look at ways to transition hair colour from summer to autumn tones with relative ease.

Making the right transition depends a lot on your current colouring and skin tones, knowing that over the next few weeks you’ll be losing the glow you earned in the sunshine, which means you may end up looking washed out if slight adjustments to your hair aren’t made.

Adding warmth to overall colour adds richness and depth to all colours of hair. The best way to achieve this is one of two ways: adding a gloss or applying lowlights…and in some cases both.




By the end of summer, fair-haired ladies, depending on their shade of blonde, will range from white to ashy to brassy strands by the end of summer. As well, blondes tend to have more porous hair. It’s especially important to close the hair cuticle to create a silky, rich look for fall.  An all-over gloss in a gold or light brown, which adds shine, closes the cuticle and tones the hair, is a simple solution. Adding lowlights to the top layer of hair, where the sun tends to do the most damage, will add richness to the hair. Bleached out hair can transform into a sandy-blonde shade with tonality and depth that creates contrast between  skin and hair.





Most brunettes have lightened a shade to two by summer’s end. To deepen and richness back into your colour, we suggest adding a gloss or solid colour, especially in the ends, to create a shimmering chocolate or chestnut tone. This will also close the hair cuticle, leaving each stand smooth rather than frayed. It’s also important for brunettes to deep condition in order to add the much-needed protein back into the hair.






Redheads tend to not only lighten but experience an overall dullness. This is an opportunity to really revamp their colour. The richness of the red can be restored by an overall gloss, which can vary from shades of auburn–from plum, reddish, ginger, dark, fiery red–or to crate more depth rich, accented low-lights that illuminates their tone and adds richness and vibrancy can be added in addition to the gloss.